TAO Center: A Zen way of life

TAO center is an Integrated lifestyle resort where all efforts are made so your life can be as peaceful as possible.


Find beauty and calm on our gorgeous site.  Our sustainable golf will provide an enjoyable experience on the course for all levels of players.  A variety of events and activities will keep you entertained all season long.  And with multiple outdoor activities near at hand, you can enjoy the natural beauty and calm even off the course, all year round. 


We know everyone is different, so we offer you flexible ways to enjoy our resort:  visit us for a day, a weekend, or become members for the whole season.  Because serenity is not only meant for the holidays, you can now live directly on the resort and enjoy the place all year-round.


Our friendly staff is hard at work so you don't have to; come and enjoy the Zen environment of TAO.